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  • Springfield Spring Cleaning Ideas

    Spring cleaning dates back to a time when the home owners would take everything outside of the house as soon as weather turned bearable. Mats as well as cushions were beat to remove the dirt that built up. The inside of the house was swept and mopped removing the dust and germs that had collected throughout the winter season. Nowadays, the process is much simpler than it was in those days.

    Start by getting organized. Develop your plan and prioritize in order to really stay on task. If you have a bunch of stuff that you will be removing from your home, order a dumpster bin ahead of time so you have got a simple way of disposal. Begin with the rooms that are your least favorite to clean. Keep supplies in a bucket that can be taken from one room to the next.

    Schedule the big event on a day when you will have help. Let your children get involved in tasks which are appropriate for them. Ask teens and the man of the house to help with the heavy lifting. Should you be single, find a friend that will help you. You might need to offer to do the same for them the following weekend. Having help will make the work go smoother and the project will seem easier.

    The cleaning goes a lot faster using the right tools. Microfiber towels can help to speed cleaning without just pushing dirt around. Employ a steam vacuum for floor cleanup that doesn’t require chemicals and leaves no residue. Add an extension wand to the vacuum cleaner help with cleaning of cobwebs without generating a mess. Other accessories will help to clean upholstery or tight areas. The rental dumpster provides you loads of space for all the junk and other items to be removed from the home.

    Don’t make the project harder than it has to be. Micro-fiber towels can dust and clean surfaces without having to use a cleaning solution. When cleaning hard surfaces such as showers or sinks, apply the cleaning solution allow it 10 minutes or more to work prior to wiping down the area. Add a cup of water to the microwave, heat on high for one minute and allow the steam to loosen spills. Use Polident tablets made to clean dentures to completely clean toilet bowls quite easily.

    Always have an adequate amount of clean cloths to prevent streaking surfaces. With micro-fiber cloths, rinse in water and wring to clean the wet cloth. Shake microfiber cloths used dry for dusting, hold within the garbage or plastic store shopping bag and shake to clean. As soon as dry rag no longer can be cleaned by shaking, rinse it in water and use for wet cleaning.

    The secret to reducing spring cleaning is to be sure your house is clean all year long. Squeegee the shower after each use to avoid build-up. Keep up with the weekly cleaning of your home. Line trash cans with a bag every time they are used. Smaller restroom cans can be lined with reused plastic shopping bags. When debris begins to build up in the home or garage, call for a rental dumpster and remove unnecessary clutter. Spread cleaning tasks throughout the week with a few moments spent each day to keep your house looking great continuously.

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